Our Story

Our story begins back in 2013, when co-founder and CEO Marc Low began building a talent crowdsourcing platform for the world’s largest professional services firm – Deloitte. That platform, called Deloitte Pixel, continues to operate in over 100 countries around the world, delivering everything from market research to complex consulting studies to digital projects, every day.

Through that experience, he learned that smart people can sit anywhere… but finding, filtering and contracting with them was really, really tough. In 2016, Marc started Howyl, a digital advisory business with a totally distributed workforce, to leverage the global talent ecosystem. He was joined in 2017 by COO, Gary Bode.  They were one step closer, but still with a trusted brand acting as intermediary between buyer and seller.

Getting introduced to blockchain changed everything. Suddenly, there was an elegant mechanism to find, sort and filter global talent – and the means (using Smart Contracts) to engage with them in a way that virtually eliminated commercial risk – without another corporation sitting in the middle. The idea for Capaciti was born, and CTO & co-founder Ryan St. Hilaire joined them in mid-2018.

Every Enterprise is losing the war for tech talent; we’re building the mechanism that links those companies with the millions of idle hours sitting inside fantastic vendors, wherever they may sit in the world. Capaciti helps Enterprises do more work, faster – with teams they can trust. It’s a simple statement with profound implications for the future of work, and we’re really excited about what we’re building!

Whether you’re a client looking for software development capacity, or a vendor looking to sell some: we can’t wait to meet you!

Our Team

Marc Low image

Marc Low – CEO

Marc brings a wealth of experience to the senior team and is a 15+ year veteran of the technology sector, having worked in various startup and early-stage growth companies.  

As a management consultant within Deloitte Consulting Innovation, his practice focused on applying Design Thinking to real-world business challenges. As part of his Deloitte journey, Marc led the enterprise crowdsourcing team at Deloitte Consulting, helping to found, launch, and establish the global talent crowdsourcing platform Deloitte Pixel.  

Marc has an MBA from the University of Cape Town (2012).

Gary Bode image

Gary Bode – COO

Gary is an experienced engineer and business leader who has grown several businesses from just a handful of people to over 200-strong. He has world-class experience building profitable manufacturing teams and now enjoys bringing an organized, methodical and Lean approach to entrepreneurial business growth and management in the tech start-up space.  

Gary has a Mechanical Engineering honours degree (2002) and an MBA (2009), both from the University of Cape Town.

Ryan St Hilaire image

Ryan St.Hilaire – CTO

Ryan brings over 15 years experience managing and architecting software products across a wide range industries from enterprise solutions for business intelligence and information security through to digital health hardware and software solutions for consumers.

His breadth of experience combined with his ability to lead teams and scale development processes will be instrumental in building the world’s first distributed application connecting enterprises with development teams they can trust.

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